Spark Plug Cable is the lifeblood of your automotive ignition system. If they don’t perform well, engine performance and gas mileage will suffer. Quick and stable ignition will make the engine components put to work in excellent timing and precision.

Your ignition wire contributes in delivering tremendous amount of voltage of electricity with minimum resistance in ensuring engine component operate smooth. Spark plug wire will maximum amount of energy is transmitted so that you keep the part in top notch working conditions.

The moment you use LT plug cable, it will allow you to regain that new car feel and pleasure of driving because it able to improve engine ignition power by using the High Quality imported wire. Stability of current flow to the spark plug is very important in combustion because uncertainty amount of magnetic interface will lead to engine damage like loss of power, reduce in throttle response, and increase in engine noise and excessive vibrations. Hence LT have do QC checking for every single plug cable to make sure it is quality guaranteed.

LT High Performance Plug Wire is exceptional for:-

  • High dielectric strength compound eliminates voltage leaks and radio frequency interference (RFI)
  • Woven fiberglass reinforced braid superior pull strength between extrusions
  • Professional-grade outer jacket shields against chemicals, heat, mouisture and gas.Remains flexible in most engine operating conditions
  • Even conductive coating alleviates electrical performance