In the beginning, our operation begun as a humble company set up in year 2000 and specializes in manufacturing and distribution of automotive performance parts. We were incorporated as a private limited company as ENQ HIGH PERFORMANCE PARTS SDN BHD (LT) in earlier year 2010. We have an outstanding proven record of more than 15 years in this niches market.

We have a team of technical experts in providing total solutions in new design and reconditioning of automotive parts from clients. On top of this we also provide rubber stamping of parts and machine services that enable us to manufacture customized automotive parts and high quality fasteners for the automotive industries.

With our team of technical expertise’s knowledge, we are able to deliver high precision components parts for our customers in the shortest possible time. ENQ High Performance Parts Sdn Bhd has our own Quality Control Section which is well equipped with high accuracy measuring instruments to conduct 100% QC checking and test to ensure our products fulfill with customer’s specifications.

We develop a systematic deliver to cater for the customer requirements. From time to time, we closely monitor the market demand and the technical trend. We are strongly devoted to research and development activities in order to go along with the footstep of our customers.